Colin Rowan – Open Class

Colin Rowan - Open Class

Coming from a speckled background that includes work as a bike messenger in Boston, as a professional historian, and as a transportation planner, Colin’s introduction to the cargo bike world came through the doors of Clever Cycles. As a mechanic at Clever, Colin learned the finer details of longtails, bakfietsen and more dubious designs. While never successfully wheelie-ing any cargo bikes, Colin continues to try.

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Eric Iverson – Open Class

Eric Iverson - Open Class

Eric says he has “Precisely zero cargo experience. He likes to haul stuff and [DRT] seems like a fun challenge.”

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Ken Wetherell – Citizen Class

Ken Wetherell - Citizen Class

Riding bikes has been a passion since I was seven years old and first gained the freedom to ride out into the world on my own. After years of commuting and hauling groceries home, I founded Portland Pedal Power in 2009 by attracting others to become co-owners to launch and develop our business. PPP continues to be a wonderful adventure and one of the highlights of my life, thanks to my fantastic partners and our customers and employees.

I am a husband to one, father to three (the second round were twins!) + dog and two cats (anyone want a cat?).

My goal for this DRT is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a large, aerodynamic, single-wheeled trailer for the speedy delivery of materials.

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Austin Horse – Open Class

Austin Horse - Open Class

I am a 8 year veteran of messengering in NYC. Since 2009 I have rotated shifts on a cargo bike. Heaviest thing I ever delivered was a bunch of vegetable oil. Weirdest was a pumpkin carved with Wendy Williams’ face on it.

photo credit Lucas Brunelle

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Josh Volk – eAssist Class

Josh Volk - eAssist Class

I’m a farmer who grows vegetables and delivers them by bike, every week, no matter the weather. For the past year I’ve hauled several tons of vegetables into town on routes that range from 20-60 miles round trip, delivering CSA shares to happy eaters in Portland.

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Madi Carlson – Citizen Class

Madi Carlson - Citizen Class

Greetings from Seattle! I made a good go of it on an 8-speed city bike with one, and then two kids, but the last 18 months with my Surly Big Dummy have been amazing. I helped organize the Seattle DRT…partially because that got me off the hook for competing. I’m both excited and completely freaked out to be on the participant side of things.

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Wibke Fretz – Citizen Class

Wibke Fretz - Citizen Class

I am a German who has been living in Oregon for now 11 years. I finished the cargo bike framebuilding apprenticeship program at the Center for Appropriate Transport 2 years ago and have been building cargo bikes and trikes there ever since. I just moved from Eugene to Portland and will be riding the bike I built myself.

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David Heddy – Open Class

David Heddy - Open Class

My name is David Heddy and I am excited to participate in the DRT for the first time. I am a proud father of two and husband of one. We love to bike camp as a family and when time allows I try to get out of town on my bike with a good crew of guys from Joe Bike.

I decided to try a different approach to my transportation after spending a year traveling through India, Indonesia, and Sudan and witnessing the millions of people that live without a car and depend on bicycles, rickshaws, or bus. I purchased a bicycle trailer when I got back from my travels and started hauling my stuff instead of driving. Riding my bike was purely for enjoyment at first, but has become a way of life for me.

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Ryan Good – Citizen Class

Ryan Good - Citizen Class

I had a front loading cargo rig built up by Tom Labonty a few years ago, and have been hauling anything and everything I can since then. I also participated in last year’s DRT.

photo credit Dat Nguyen.

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Kevin Ziemke – Open Class

Kevin Ziemke - Open Class

My name is Kevin, the Bullitt and I have been together for a few years now. If I had only one bike (heaven forbid), a cargo bike would be it. I’ve carried small things (children) to big things (trees). I love it!

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