Jon Berkner – Citizen Class

Jon Berkner - Citizen Class

“Single dad with errands to run.
Bought a cargo bike last september and now ride either this or a road bike daily and the Jeep is now only for hiking and camping trips.

Haven’t ridden my cargo bike more than 10-12 miles in a day so far, but I’m fit so it will be fun! Often carry 1-2 10 yr old kids, bins of soccer gear, and home improvement items (1/2 sheets of plywood, 8′ boards). Learned to always have an assortment of straps on hand at all times, you never know what free thing on the side of the road you’ll come across!

*tip: I learned that home depot has better free plastic to cover plywood you are hauling on your bike than Lowes. So it it’s raining go to Home Depot.”

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