Chris Nelson – Open Class

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelsen tries to not get too smug or self-righteous about getting around under his own steam, but that doesn’t stop him from telling the story of bike-moving about 800 pounds of furniture across Eugene in one trip a few summers ago. He gets himself around by bike and his stuff around by trailer.

“My (Cargo) Bike Minifesto: If humanity is to succeed in minimizing impending global ecology/energy/economy catastrophe, we’ll need to drastically revise our patterns of consumption. If we don’t succeed, these changes will be forced on the survivors anyway. Either way, establishing a foundation for human-powered transportation of people and material seems like a useful strategy. I’m honored to be able to make this my life’s work, and I’m delighted to see more and more people thinking along similar lines.”

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One Response to Chris Nelson – Open Class

  1. Robert E Reynolds says:

    Way to go Chris!! Keep focused – Bob

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