2013 Disaster Relief Trials!


Date: Saturday, July 13, 2013
Location: Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI)

The Disaster Relief Trails expands this year with the addition of a sizable Cargo Bike Fair, and most exciting of all, integration with Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s Sustainable Transportation Expo. The bike manufacturers, dealers and everyday cargo bike owners populating the Cargo Bike Fair will ensure that transit, electric cars, rail and other featured transportation modes will find compelling, human-powered, competition.

The Bike Fair and DRT will showcase the fun lifestyle advantages and the resilient capabilities of human powered transportation. The event’s proximity to Portland’s iconic Eastbank Esplanade and the Springwater Corridor trails will provide an unparalleled opportunity for first time cargo bike riders to demo bikes in a car-free environment. We encourage all cargo bike families and businesses to come down, enjoy the music, food and camaraderie, and share their bikes and experiences with fellow Portlanders. Sponsorship packages are available for businesses and organizations interested in supporting the Fair/Trials and/or needing dedicated space.

7395031400_7de680c3fe_zPhoto: BikePortland

Expanding from last year’s 30 rider field, the 2013 Disaster Relief Trials will add an e-bike class, and field 40 riders across the resulting three classes, setting out on a new 30+-mile circuit designed to demonstrate and challenge the Cargo Bike’s capabilities in a disaster response situation: On the DRT, riders haul real loads on real roads. eBike riders will face an extended course and challenges tailored for their capabilities. We hope once again to attract a diverse field of riders and bike/trailer platforms.

Last year’s event: 2012 DRT Invitation and assorted media links. Some shots of last year’s event.


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